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November 12, 2017  •  21 Comments

We have new products available and I am sooo excited for you all!

-Canvas Wrap Set #1 is 3 ~ 16x24inch pieces for $400-

AND purchase ANY of our new canvas sets at your session and receive ALL digital images from your session FREE!

It gets better, this price includes all of your canvases shipped right to your door!

-Canvas Wrap Set #2 is 1 ~ 20x30inch and 4 ~ 11x14inch pieces for $500-

-Canvas Wrap Set #3 is 9 ~ 10x10inch pieces for $600-


Which would you love on your wall and where would you put it?!


Here is our updated product menu:

I wanted to also add that with purchase of all of your digital files you receive 1 a la carte item of your choice! And no more having to meet up with me to get your items which I think is really great especially for all of my out of town clients!


Look At This Imaging
And the winner is........Stephanie Mayotte Gordon! Message me!
Look At This Imaging
Ok I will hold this drawing tonight since its late and all and no one looks to be entering still!

Firstly thank you everyone for your kind words. As many of you know #babyphotography is one of my biggest loves but working with all of my clients this past year has been a total blessing. I can't imagine my life without photography.

I am going to do a random drawing, numbering each name with a number in their order and drawing one out! I will announce the winner shortly!
Jillian Kent(non-registered)
I've built a friendship with Jessica through our shoots for my clothing Boutique. She is fun to work with and has a good eye. I love #2 and #3...I would probably pick #2 for our current space =)
Bruna Pimentel
Oh! Ops! And option #3 is my favorite!!!
Bruna Pimentel
I had to give it a try just because but #2 is winning!!!!
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